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The current and future contribution of neuroimaging to the understanding of disorders of consciousness

Naji Alnagger , Paolo Cardone, Charlotte Martial , Steven Laureys , Jitka Annen, Olivia Gosseries;

Whole-brain analyses indicate the impairment of posterior integration and thalamo-frontotemporal broadcasting in disorders of consciousness

Rajanikant Panda, Ane López-González , Matthieu Gilson, Olivia Gosseries , Aurore Thibaut , Gianluca Frasso, Benedetta Cecconi , Anira Escrichs; Coma Science Group Collaborators ; Gustavo Deco , Steven Laureys , Gorka Zamora-López , Jitka Annen;

From nose to brain: The effect of lemon inhalation observed by whole brain voxel to voxel functional connectivity

Charlotte Martial, Anne-Lise Poirrier, Laurence Pottier, Héléna Cassol, Sepehr Mortaheb , Rajanikant Panda, Mateo Lopez, Thibault Perrin, Antoine Boilevin , Olivia Gosseries , Steven Laureys ;

Altered Brain Connectivity and Network Topological Organization in a Non-ordinary State of Consciousness Induced by Hypnosis

Rajanikant Panda, Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse, Andrea Piarulli , Jitka Annen , Athena Demertzi, Naji Alnagger , Srivas Chennu, Steven Laureys , Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville , Olivia Gosseries ;

Unresponsive but Not Necessarily Unconscious: An Introduction to the Special Focus

Charlotte Martial, Olivia Gosseries;

Cerebral electrometabolic coupling in disordered and normal states of consciousness

Jitka Annen, Gianluca Frasso, Glenn J M van der Lande , Estelle A C Bonin , Marie M Vitello , Rajanikant Panda, Arianna Sala, Carlo Cavaliere, Federico Raimondo, Mohamed Ali Bahri, Nicholas D Schiff, Olivia Gosseries, Aurore Thibaut, Steven Laureys;

Sham-controlled randomized multicentre trial of transcranial direct current stimulation for prolonged disorders of consciousness

Aurore Thibaut, Felipe Fregni, Anna Estraneo, Salvatore Fiorenza , Enrique Noe , Roberto Llorens , Joan Ferri, Rita Formisano, Giovanni Morone , Andreas Bender, Martin Rosenfelder, Gianfranco Lamberti , Ekaterina Kodratyeva, Sergey Kondratyev, Liudmila Legostaeva , Natalia Suponeva, Carmen Krewer, Friedemann Müller , Nadia Dardenne , Haroun Jedidi , Steven Laureys , Olivia Gosseries, Nicolas Lejeune , Géraldine Martens; IBIA DOC-SIG;

A protocol for a multicenter randomized and personalized controlled trial using rTMS in patients with disorders of consciousness

Marie M Vitello, Martin J Rosenfelder , Paolo Cardone , Masachika Niimi, Lina Willacker, Aurore Thibaut, Nicolas Lejeune , Steven Laureys, Andreas Bender , Olivia Gosseries;

Depth of sedation with dexmedetomidine increases transcranial magnetic stimulation-evoked potential amplitude non-linearly

Paolo Cardone, Olivier Bodart , Murielle Kirs, Julien Sanfilippo, Alessandra Virgillito, Charlotte Martial, Jessica Simon, Sarah Wannez, Robert D Sanders, Steven Laureys, Marcello Massimini, Gilles Vandewalle, Vincent Bonhomme , Olivia Gosseries;

Method for quantifying arousal and consciousness in healthy states and severe brain injury via EEG-based measures of corticothalamic physiology

S Assadzadeh, J Annen , L Sanz, A Barra, E Bonin, A Thibaut, M Boly, S Laureys, O Gosseries, P A Robinson;