CSG’s values (which also includes ULiège’ values)

While we ask each of us to embrace ULiège values, humanity, integrity and audacity are of utmost importance to us. We also want to highlight values that are as important to us such as:

  • Proactivity: Personal initiatives are an essential value in research. Proactivity at work notably facilitates preparedness and achievement of a project or a situation. We cannot predict the future and always know what circumstances will occur, but we can, nonetheless, take active steps to avoid an unwanted outcome or solve a problem.
  • Rigor: Rigor in research is the degree to which research methods are scrupulously and meticulously carried out, as well as concerns the use of appropriate research tools to meet the stated objective of the investigation. Quality, trustworthiness, and value of research will depend on rigor.
  • “Good clinical practice is research”: Most of the time, we are doing clinical research, requiring complex and rigorous experiments/projects. When possible, the PhD student should be involved in clinical tasks (acquisitions and/or analyses of patient data). Our research requires implication and teamwork. 
  • Collaboration: We especially love the emphasis on teamwork. Teamwork helps to promote the construction of knowledge and learning that occurs through interaction, problem solving, cooperation and collaboration.
  • Challengers and creativity: We enthusiastically address challenges. When we can, we challenge the current knowledge and push boundaries. We are bold in what we do, but respect for others is always our priority. We will always encourage creative and innovative ideas. We envision BIG while being responsible risk-takers. 
  • Respect: We all come from different backgrounds and sometimes different cultures, thus respect and open-mindedness are essential values of the lab. It is of the utmost importance to respect our colleagues regardless of their religion, beliefs or sexual orientation.