Physical Therapist

Coma Science Group

  • Team Olivia Gosseries

Master Student

Stephane Carapelle


Bachelor in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2022 – Liège University
Master in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2023 – Liège University (ongoing)


Stephane is a master student in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and he is doing his master thesis about lucid dreaming in the Coma Science Group with Olivia Gosseries as a promoter, Stephen Bornheim as a co-promoter and also Charlotte Martial and Benjamin Baird from Madison-Wisconsin University.
He has studied and practiced lucid dreaming for a long time and he wants to help research on lucid dreaming to have a better understanding of this phenomenon. Lucid dreaming can definitely improve the quality of life of people and his dream would be to make this altered state of consciousness applicable to medicine and easily accessible to everyone.