Coma Science Group

FNRS Research Associate & co-director of the Coma Science Group

Olivia Gosseries


2012: PhD in Biomedical and Pharmacological Sciences (University of Liege and University of Brussels)

2007: Master in Psychological and Educational Sciences – Neuropsychology expertise (University of Brussels)

2004: Bachelor in Psychological and Educational Sciences (University of Brussels)


Dr. Olivia Gosseries is co-director of the Coma Science Group, research associate at FNRS-FRS and associate professor. As a neuropsychologist, her early work focused on diagnosis and prognosis in patients with disorders of consciousness recovering from coma using non-invasive brain stimulation and electrophysiology. In recent years, she has worked more extensively on therapeutic options for this challenging patients’ population.  

For three years, she worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) studying sleep and working memory. To study human consciousness more globally, she now also investigates anesthesia, coma memory, lucid dream, meditation, hypnosis, cognitive trance and virtual reality.

She is Associate Editor for Clinical Neurophysiology and Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience journals. She co-edited the second edition of the book `Neurology of Consciousness’ (Elsevier, 2015), has reviewed articles for numerous scientific journals, supervises PhD students, and organized several conferences (Coma Day, Human Brain Project conference on consciousness). She has more than 200 publications in international peer-reviewed journals such as Science, Lancet, Lancet Neurology, Annals of Neurology and Brain, and numerous invited talks at international conferences.

Her aim is to continue improving the care of patients who recover from coma, contribute to the understanding of human consciousness, and promoting education and public awareness of this fascinating clinical and research topic.