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PhD Student

Glenn van der Lande


PhD candidate Biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences on the topic of “State changes and fluctuations in different states of altered consciousness”, University of Liège, Belgium.
Master in Biomedical Sciences, cognitive neurobiology and clinical neurophysiology track, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Graduated May 2019.
Bachelor in Psychobiology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Graduated August 2015.


Glenn’s work is aimed at describing fluctuation within a state of consciousness and changes to other states. This is achieved by investigating neuroimaging data from multiple modalities of pathological states (i.e. disorders of consciousness) in resting states, sleep, or while being stimulated using tDCS or during pharmacological states (i.e. under anesthesia). As an additional source of information, actigraphy data is used to describe rhythmic activity or its absence.