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PhD Student

Emilie Szymkowicz


PhD Student in Medical Sciences, GIGA Consciousness & University of Liege, Belgium. In progress.

Assistant position in Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Liege, Belgium. 2020-2021.

MSc in Public Health Sciences, specialization in Critical Patient Management, Faculty of Medicine, University of Liege, Belgium. 2017-2019.

BSc in Nursing Science, specialization in Intensive and Emergency Care, HELHa, Belgium. 2012-2016.


As a PhD Student, Emilie focuses on the therapeutic management of patients with severe brain injuries. Her work aims to improve understanding of the brain processes underlying consciousness recovery, to evaluate the efficacy of pharmacological treatments such as apomorphine in patients with disorders of consciousness and to develop predictive biomarkers for therapeutic response.

Her publication list can be found at: