Coma Science Group
Understanding Consciousness

credit: Michel Houet

Science Group

The Coma Science Group, an international, multidisciplinary team, aims to improve our understanding of post-comatose patients with disorders of consciousness. This includes disorders of consciousness (i.e., coma, “vegetative” state/unresponsive wakefulness syndrome and minimally conscious state) and conscious patients with locked-in syndrome. We are specialized in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic interventions for these patients.

Besides, we study other non-ordinary states of consciousness, such as near-death experience, cognitive trance, hypnosis and psychedelic experiences. Additionally, we work on improving the diagnosis and clinical management of patients who have had a concussion.  

The Coma Science Group was founded in 2006 by Prof. Steven Laureys, research director at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research. He led the lab until 2022 when Prof. Aurore Thibaut and Prof. Olivia Gosseries took over as co-directors.

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